Levent Kaya

As a child it was certain for me that I would become a hairdresser.

My favourite place was the salon of my older brother. I spent days and weeks watching him curiously and admiring his work, listening to the conversations with his clients and the permanent snipping of the scissors.

As I got older I had to find an apprenticeship. I knew that hairdressing keeps a lot of secrets and I wanted to discover all of them. I decided that I had to learn it from the best. Therefore I started an apprenticeship at Udo Walz, who is one of the most famous hairdressers in Berlin. He helped me to figure out that professionals are all human after all. What matters for handcraft as well as for art is rather a certain love for the material. Later on I finished my apprenticeship under the direction of André Märtens who taught me to exercise modesty and that beauty is a question of attitude. Azra inspired me to develop patience, application and devotion. It was in 2007 that I held the title of master hairdresser in my hands. I had achieved all the different techniques as well as commercial knowledge, but somehow my final goal seemed further than ever before (You are asking why further and not closer?). The magic of hairdressing was still attracting me and I felt that there were still many secrets to discover.

It was only after working with younger people as a trainer supervisor in SOS-Children ́s Village (SOS- Kinderdorf…orphenage), when I saw the sparkle in the eyes of the trainees. I remembered the time when I had started as a boy from Kreuzberg with a migration background. I could hear their hearts beating in the rhythm of the snip-snip. I literally saw the pixie dust flying around as we were cutting and blow-drying. The magic of hairdressing consists of devotion and passion for handcraft and for the client. It is even a kind of humbleness that I like to describe with the following motto “The customers need to be neither king nor queen. They just remain themselves !“

I would be most pleased to welcome you into my salon and to share the magic with you.